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Oncology Yoga in Chapel Hill, NC

We have anew Oncology Yoga class running in Chapel Hill, NC. Fridays at 3pm join this free class. This class is called Yoga for Living Through Cancer at Franklin St Yoga Center in Chapel Hill. 

This class is tailored to those undergoing cancer treatment as well as to those in the cancer community (all those affected by cancer- family, caregivers, patients, and medical professionals). The class is designed to help manage the physical and emotional effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment, including practices to regain strength, balance and mobility as well as managing stress, anxiety and depression. Supportive and nurturing, it is a practice of gentle yoga, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation techniques in a community of others who are going through a similar experience.


  • Yoga for Living Through Cancer Class

  • In person class

  • Fridays 3pm (starts January 19th)

  • Cost: Free

  • at Franklin St Yoga Center 

The class is free, but you will still need to pre-register online or register for class upon arrival.

Here's the website: on "schedule" and find the date of the class you want to attend to register. The yoga studio is in downtown Chapel Hill and has a parking lot right next to it. You will need to pay to park here, so make sure to leave time to pay. Downloading the ParkMobile app  and skipping the pay kiosk is helpful to expedite the parking process.

Please forward this to someone who might benefit--someone undergoing cancer treatment, survivor, caregiver, healthcare professional treating those with cancer.

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