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Dr. John Reilly, Radiation Oncologist

Dr. John Reilly, Radiation Oncologist at AdventHealth Cancer Center in Daytona Beach, spoke on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at Charlene’s Dream. The event was attended by over 30 women with different cancer diseases and concerns, plus some CPF teachers and students and one CPF Board Member. Dinner was available for all participants prior to Dr. Reilly’s speaking. 

Dr. Reilly gave a presentation about the types of radiation, how radiation kills cancer cells and the medical advances in fighting the disease over the past ten years. He answered many questions from cancer survivors, each question was unique and provided essential information to all who attended.


CPF students and teachers are active with Charlene’s Dream in Daytona Beach. It is a non-profit organization assisting women with advice, equipment, clothes, wigs and most important, support. All volunteers at Charlene’s Dream are cancer survivors, some are retired nurses and nurse navigators. They are located at 501 North Wild Olive Avenue, Daytona Beach. If you know of someone in this region needing support, call for an appointment as they do not have regular business hours. Check out the website here.





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