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CPF Oncology Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for Survivors


The Christina Phipps Foundation training is designed to enable yoga teachers to bring Oncology Yoga classes to their local cancer community. Our instructors are trained to understand the cancer journey and recognize cancer treatments can result in lingering pain and a reduced range of motion. Yoga has been shown to help with physical and psychosocial effects of cancer treatments.

The CPF Oncology Yoga Teacher Training Program


The Christina Phipps Foundation's training program consists of two sessions scheduled on separate days, typically on weekends.


  • The first session includes a full day of medical presentations taught by board certified doctors. Each presentation is unique and can cover diagnosis, medical oncology, hematology, surgery, reconstruction, radiation, cardiac oncology and /or gynecological oncology.  We also cover the psychosocial impact of cancer, physical therapy, and lymphedema. These segments are also taught by highly trained professionals in their respective fields.


  • Prior to the training, each student is given a case study to research and prepare a formal presentation. During the second session, the students present their case study to other students and board members. Each student is required to demonstrate expertise in teaching and grasp of the specialized knowledge gained during the Foundation's course work.


Graduation and Designation


Once the CPF coursework is completed, students will be certified by the Foundation and receive the formal professional designation of CPF. The CPF certificate can be presented to the Yoga Alliance for CEU hours.


Eligibility and Volunteer Requirement


Yoga instructors who are RYT 200 and who hold a Yoga Alliance Registry number may apply. In exchange for completing the program, all recipients of the CPF Designation agree to donate (on their own time and at no charge) 26 hours of volunteer teaching in their local community, on zoom or the CPF YouTube channel. 


Interested?  Fill out our Teacher Application Form.

Non-Yoga Professionals

CPF Designation Now Available for Others


If you are a PT, OT, MSW, LMT, teacher, guidance counselor, mental health worker or any other professional, and would like to take our CPF Oncology Yoga Teacher Training for your own personal education, it is possible!


We ask for a donation of $750 to the Foundation, you will be added to our roster, and the volunteer component will be waived.


When we receive your payment and some contact information we will reserve your spot. This is an advanced yoga teacher training and will not permit you to teach yoga, but will give you knowledge about breast cancer and yoga. A CPF certificate will be provided for you to present to your continuing education authority. Please check with your continuing education authority before payment, as there are no refunds.

Interested?  Make your donation today!

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