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Nora Aly, CPF Oncology Yoga Teacher

Updated: Feb 15

Nora Aly graduated from CPF Oncology Yoga training on January 28, 2024. Her training was held at the AdventHealth Celebration location in Celebration, Florida on January 27 and 28, 2024.

Nora Aly is a RYT500 and Yoga Therapist


In her words:

I found Yoga at an impressionable age of 15, around 1977, a small class in Queens, NY, thanks to my oldest sister who wanted me to experience yoga. I was on and off practicing through career, marriage, and motherhood, but never taking the practice seriously. Stress began to build from work, family, and just overall living. I got sick at 40, bell’s palsy, the right side of my face fell, my right eye stayed open, my memory skipped, neck swelled, and I could not speak. I had difficulty eating, drinking, and thinking. I heard of a nurse teaching yoga in a small strip mall sponsored by the YMCA. I showed up. I was extremely grateful. I considered it a miracle that this class was being given in my small town. With help from my mother, sheer desperation and yoga class, I healed.


I never stopped yoga. I felt liberated with a progressive yoga studio, but after 2 years of continuous stress on my body, I felt this type of vigorous yoga was not for me. I started teaching at my home, my way – slower, instinctively and with more knowledge. I received 200-hour RYT certification through My Vinyasa Practice in Austin, TX. Then in 2022 received a 300 hour RYT, and registered by Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.


I am also certified Yoga for Trauma, twice certified in Yoga Nidra, Neuroscience & Yoga in treatment of Complex Developmental or Repeated Trauma. I am approved as a Yoga Therapist by MVP in Austin, Texas and am currently working on a certification by International Yoga Therapist Association, as well as finishing up 1000 hours of Yoga Education.


I practice and teach all types of yoga modalities. My expertise and favorites are Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. I am truly grateful for Michele Young at MVP School of Yoga. She is the founder and my mentor. Her lineage of teachers is very impressive, and I am proud to say I am part of that lineage.


Schooling and Certifications: Between 2021 – 2024: 200hr, 300hr, Yoga Therapy accreditation from My Vinyasa Practice, Austin TX


Yoga Nidra from MVP and Amrit Yoga Institute, St Augustine, FL.


Trauma Informed Yoga Training Certification from MVP


Trauma Informed Yoga Training Certification at Warrior Flow School, Miami FL


Pesci Seminar for Neuroscience & Yoga in Treatment of Complex, Developmental or Repeated Trauma


Christina Phipps Foundation Oncology Yoga Teacher Certification, 2024


Volunteer Work:

General Women yoga classes approximately 100 hours 2021 – 2023 in my home.

Gratis Yoga Therapy sessions 1 hour weekly and continues since 2023 out of Mosaic Psychiatry in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Looking forward to doing video classes for CPF, subbing New Smyrna Beach, AdventHealth.

Currently Teaching: Chair Class, large class approximately 30, at New Smyrna Beach Gym every Friday. Online: 30-minute class 5 days a week – a different yoga modality each day. Vinyasa class – Wed, Sat & Sun. Yoga Therapy Sessions: All day Tuesdays and Morning Thursdays

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