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What is CPF Oncology Yoga?

Oncology yoga is a form of yoga that is specifically tailored to the needs of cancer patients and the cancer community. It is designed to help cancer patients manage the physical and emotional side effects of cancer and its treatments. CPF Oncology yoga is taught by a trained yoga teacher who has experience working with cancer patients. The practice of oncology yoga can help cancer patients and those in the cancer community improve their physical strength, flexibility, and balance, which can help them cope with the effects of cancer. It can also help them manage stress, anxiety, and depression. CPF Oncology Yoga classes are held in a supportive and nurturing environment, where cancer patients can connect with others who are going through a similar experience. The classes include gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation techniques. Overall, Oncology Yoga can help people feel more empowered and in control of their health and well-being. CPF Oncology Yoga classes often extend yoga to all those affected by cancer- family, caregivers, patients, and medical professionals-we call the cancer community.

Gentle Yoga classes include yoga postures, simple breath awareness and restful meditation with longer warmups, easy transitions, and gentle movements.

Chair Yoga classes include yoga postures in or around a chair, breathing with movement and meditation. There will be longer warmups, easy transitions from the chair to standing. Meditation at the end of class can be quite deep in seated position.

Restorative Yoga classes include fewer yoga postures using basic yoga props, simple breathing exercises and longer meditation times giving the body a chance to relax deeply. Transitions between restorative poses can be long and smooth.

Karma Yoga is a type of yoga practiced by many CPF teachers where action, teaching and service are a form of yoga and meditation. Unlike other Oncology Yoga programs, CPF Oncology Yoga is designed as an offering, grounded in abundance, and provides an opportunity for teachers to experience and practice karma yoga.

If you are interested in a live class, click this link

If you are interested in a Zoom class click this link

These forms will go to CPF Executive Director, Beth Daugherty. She will email you with details about teachers and more class information.

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