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CPF Oncology Yoga at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville


Cindy Van Horn and the Pink Sisters add CPF Yoga to their support group program. CPF volunteer Lisa commits to teach each week, Tuesday evenings. Mayo doctors train the first class of yoga teachers to become certified by CPF. Beth Daugherty is in the first graduating class of CPF Oncology Yoga Teachers and eventually is named Executive Director of the Foundation working with Mayo for the next CPF Training.


Lisa is teaching at Mayo weekly. Mayo doctors train class of yoga teachers to become certified by CPF on November 5, 2011.


A second CPF yoga class is requested by Mayo to be held at the Gabriel House. Residents, caregivers and patients are invited to attend a class held during the daytime. A team of CPF volunteer teachers commit to this weekly class including: Irene, Linda, Janet, Candice, Susan and Beth Daugherty. Volunteers taught this for 3 years. Lisa transitioned evening Stabile class to Linda, and then to Laura, who taught until 2015.


Now there are two Mayo classes taught by CPF volunteers weekly at Stabile and Gabriel House. All subs and teacher transitions handled by Beth Daugherty.


Gabriel House invites other, non-CPF trained yoga teachers to teach. Existing CPF class size is slightly reduced. CPF teachers continue weekly at both locations.


Two CPF volunteers at Gabriel House complete their commitment to the foundation and step down. Beth Daugherty coaches one of the yoga students from Mayo into YTT200, advises to become a yoga teacher and recommends 200 hour yoga teacher training program options for her. Gabriel House offers to pay for yoga teacher training, our CPF student enrolls in YTT200 and begins teaching. She is not certified by CPF but was originally our student. Evening class is transitioned from Laura to Ana. Pat joins this evening teaching team in October. Mayo doctors train a new class of yoga teachers to become certified by CPF on May 9, 2015. Renee Foster is in this class. She helps move CPF classes to Canaday 1050 and secures chairs and props. An additional twenty sets of props are ordered, storage is obtained at Mayo. CPF Executive Director, Beth Daugherty, kicks off class October 2015. CPF Teachers are being recruited to forma a Mayo Team and continue this class weekly.


Mayo requests Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga to begin in Canady 1050 on January 7, 2015, and run every week. Beth begins looking for a teaching team. CPF begins running 3 CPF classes weekly: Restorative yoga, chair yoga and gentle restorative yoga.


Running 3 CPF classes weekly with CPF Oncology Yoga Team


Running 3 CPF classes weekly with CPF Oncology Yoga Team


Running 3 CPF classes weekly with CPF Oncology Yoga Team


Classes cancelled due to pandemic


Classes cancelled due to pandemic


Hope Lodge began offering weekly CPF Oncology Yoga classes focused on their residents. CPF Oncology Yoga teacher Kristin takes over to organize CPF yoga classes on campus. CPF Oncology Yoga teacher Teresa begins Zoom yoga for Mayo.

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