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Apply now for Blacksburg, Virginia

We have spots open in the Oncology Yoga Teacher Training October 22 and 23 in Blacksburg, Virginia. The training is free and in return yoga teachers will teach CPF YOGA for 26 weeks live, on zoom or on our CPF YouTube channel.

Apply online

Spend some time learning about the people who volunteer for CPF by reading our blog. If this training is for you, apply online. Currently we have applicants from all over Virginia, plus North and South Carolina. Those yoga teachers on the waiting list from Charlottesville, Virginia can just send me an email to activate your application. I will pull it from the waiting list if you would like to drive in to Blacksburg.

Faculty Highlights

This Virginia training will include faculty from the local medical system, from Florida and from Virginia Tech.

Training Highlights

Day one is busy with numerous presentations by our medical faculty. Day two will be all the case studies beginning at noon.

New CPF classes will be opened in western Virginia, in addition to the classes running at In Balance Yoga Studio.

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