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Oncology Yoga Teacher Training at Mayo Clinic

August 24-25, 2024

Mayo Clinic

4500 San Pablo Road 

Jacksonville, Florida 32224

We are excited to bring our special Oncology Yoga teacher training to Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. Apply now on this website for an immersive and transformative training experience with The Christina Phipps Foundation. Our oncology yoga teacher training program is designed to equip you with the specialized knowledge and skills to support cancer survivors through the healing power of yoga. Whether you're a seasoned yoga instructor or new to teaching, our expert-led sessions will empower you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Reserve your spot today and become part of a compassionate community dedicated to yoga, holistic wellness and recovery.

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Oncology Yoga 
Teacher Training

Comprehensive Agenda

Our two-day training covers a range of essential topics, including oncology diagnosis, breast cancer rehabilitation, integrative breast oncology, and the psychosocial impact of breast cancer.  

Expert Instructors

Learn from leading professionals in the field. Our lineup includes Dr. Dawn Mussallem, D.O., and Kristin Lothman, L.C.S.W., among others, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each session.

Group Discussions

Experience practical oncology yoga training with sessions on chair yoga, yoga for lymphedema, and restorative yoga. Gain knowledge through group discussions and case studies, ensuring you leave fully equipped to support your students.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Chair yoga classes offer a wonderful way for individuals to participate in yoga without the need for floor-based exercises. Our certified instructors focus on movements that promote strength, balance, and relaxation.

CPF-Led Classes

Our CPF certified teachers lead group sessions that emphasize gentle stretching and mindful breathing. These classes are designed to enhance overall well-being and provide a sense of community among participants.

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Supportive Environment

CPF certified yoga teachers guide students through gentle stretches, helping to improve flexibility and relieve tension. The use of chairs makes these poses accessible to all, ensuring a supportive and comfortable environment.

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CPF Graduates

January 2024, Advent Health Orlando

Our growing community of dedicated yoga teachers are transforming lives through oncology yoga.


Our program equips you with the skills to support cancer patients on their journey to wellness, while connecting you with a passionate network of professionals making a real difference.


Apply now to become part of this inspiring movement and start your impactful journey today!

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