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Zoom CPF Oncology Yoga Class

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We have a new zoom link for our Piedmont Cancer Wellness gentle yoga class. Class is Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm. The passcode is yoga. This gentle yoga class is open to CPF students, just click the link to join. CPF teacher Shena Hernandez has taught CPF Oncology Yoga for many years. She originally taught in Thomasville, GA at Archbald. This Medical Center is a four hospital, three nursing home health system with state-of-the-art facilities located in South Georgia.

When Shena moved she recommended Jenna to teach at the Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center, located in Thomasville, and Jenna was certified by CPF in 2022 teaching Oncology Yoga.

Shena moved to Northern Georgia taking CPF Oncology Yoga with her to the Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center in Newnan, GA. That class ran for a while and she moved again.

Since moving to Ellijay, GA she now teaches virtually from the mountains. The Thomas F. Chapman family has always stipulated that everyone is welcome in Piedmont classes, no matter where their treatment was. This yoga class is open to anyone impacted such as caregivers or anyone just needing a gentle class. If you would like to take Shena's classes by video click the link

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