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Teacher Highlight: Valencia Robinson

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Valencia’s Top 20 Reasons to Do Yoga 1. Promotes Bone health 2. Muscle strengthening 3. Flexibility and Mobility

4. Improves your sex drive 5. Balance and Posture 6. Improves relaxation

7. A natural sleep aid 8. Reduces stress

9. Improves your self-esteem 10. Calming and mood lifting 11. Improves your breathing 12. All abilities & everyone is welcome

13. Energizes you 14. Connects you to a supportive community

15. Helps the body detoxify and aids in organ function

16. Can help you give and receive gratitude 17. Helps build a strong bond between mind and body

18. Helps build mental focus

19. Yoga can be an introduction to meditation and intentional thinking 20. Yoga can change your life like it did mine

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