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Teacher Highlight: Patty Severino App

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Patricia Severino App, RYT-500 is a Comprehensive Yoga Therapist and Owner/Instructor at Dolphin Dream Yoga. Patty began her yoga journey in the mid 1990's not realizing at the time it would have a much bigger meaning than simply another form of physical exercise. There were lapses in her practice until life's many adversities brought her back to the mat, this time with a much more spiritual emphasis. It wasn't until her son's cancer diagnosis that she realized yoga is so much more than a series of poses. She eagerly shared what she knew about yoga at the time with other parents, hospital staff and patients. This is when the passion to bring yoga as a healing modality into mainstream wellness programs began.

In 2012, Patty graduated from YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and in 2013 the 300 hour Yoga Therapy Training Program. Through the gift of yoga Patty is able to move through life with an open heart and a true sense of peace. Her passion is to impart the teachings of yoga and its benefits to others. Patty also has a keen interest in holistic nutrition and Zen/mindfulness meditation. She encourages healthy habits and traits, in both mind and body, that are conducive to one's everyday life outside of the yoga studio. These avenues of healing have been an integral part of her life's path. Helping students learn and practice the fundamentals of yoga, respect their bodies, and realize their individual potential is part of her goal as a teacher. Her commitment to helping individuals tap into a positive energy extends beyond the mat. Patty loves to impart the benefits of living a yogic lifestyle and teaches by example, on and off the mat. Having used yoga as a tool to overcome some of life's difficulties, it is only natural to want to share this gift with others.

Patricia Severino App, RYT-500HR, Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, Owner/Instructor, Dolphin Dream Yoga can be contacted at 386-846-6251.

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