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Teacher Highlight: Danielle Martin

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Danielle graduated CPF Jan. 29, 2023 and completed karma yoga teaching at Yoga Den San Pablo. That class closed at July 25, 2023.

Dani also teaches CPF yoga at the Yoga Den in Mandarin and the Thursday at 11:15 class is currently very popular. She works with a team of wonderful teachers following in the footsteps of many CPF teachers since 2010. They are keeping CPF Yoga Den tradition alive.

Certified Sound Healer and owner of Sound Blossom, Dani weaves ethereal vocal toning and entrainment to enhance the healing frequencies of singing bowls and various instruments of meditation. As long as she can remember, Dani has been drawn to healing through her love of music and art. Her mystical journey deepened as she traveled the world as a military wife and mother. She now resides in Jacksonville, Florida. She is an experienced yin and restorative instructor (certified 500hr RYT with additional training in yin, meditation, mindfulness and knowledgeable in trauma-informed yoga) and facilitates sound baths up and down the east coast.

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