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Seema offers Bone Safe Workshop

CPF Oncology Yoga teacher Seema will be offering a Bone Safe Workshop at the Yoga Den in Mandarin. The best way to sign up for the class is on the Mandarin Yoga Den schedule link under April 16th. Length of Class: 2 sessions - total 6 hours When: April 16th and 30th - 1PM - 4PM Where: Yoga Den, Mandarin Who is this Workshop for: Yoga practitioners and teachers who teach students who have or at risk for osteoporosis or osteopenia. What you will learn:

  • Awareness about osteoperosis and why it puts you at risk for fragility fractures

  • Bone health benefits of yoga including body awareness, alignment, posture, balance, weight bearing and strength

  • Finding your optimal neutral spine alignment

  • Yoga postures that are beneficial for bone health

  • Postures to modify to reduce fracture risk and how to modify the postures

  • Postures to avoid and minimize

  • Moving safely during transitions to reduce fracture risk

For pricing click link above to Yoga Den.

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