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Oncology Yoga Workshop in St. Petersburg, FL

Kathryn is a RYT 200 teaching at Nava Yoga Studio, St. Petersburg, Florida. She teaches CPF Oncology Yoga, plus a core class, beginner's yoga, gentle yoga and gentle/yin. She personally focuses on alignment based vinyasa and gentle yoga. Kathryn started taking yoga classes in her 20s, drawn to its philosophy and life lessons. An avid traveler, she has been lucky enough to take classes all over the world. 2020 brought her to Saint Petersburg, Florida, where she discovered Nava Yoga and became a regular student. In 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during her treatment she learned of Nava's 200 hour teacher training program. She signed up not knowing if she could physically complete the curriculum, but found it a solace and comfort as she healed. Excited to be a part of the Nava community, Kathryn looks forward to sharing all aspects of yoga with her students.

She will be organizing and teaching a Yoga for Cancer workshop Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 2:00pm at Nava Yoga Studio. If this is successful she hopes to offer more of these workshops in addition to her teaching. Click here for more info Yoga for Cancer workshop t Nava Yoga in St. Pete.

Nava is a beautiful studio with many workshops, trainings and classes. The studio is located in beautiful Isla Del Sol. Nava Yoga Studio offers a serene environment that provides a refuge of peace and harmony where you can devote time to yourself through a variety of classes. Joanna Bilgutay Ozkaya and Wendy S. Shelton, registered yoga teachers and owners of Nava Yoga Studio, realized their dream to provide instruction and guidance to the community in the practice of yoga. They have been supportive of Kathryn's desire to teach CPF at Nava. Read about the studio where she teaches.

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