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Mary C. Frazier, Graduate Research Assistant

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Mary, who goes by Frazier, was very helpful in pulling together the agenda for the 2022 Blacksburg Oncology Yoga CPF training. She is a Graduate Research Assistant at Virginia Tech working towards her PhD (2025) in Translational Biology, Medicine and Health. She has specializations in Public Health, Health Implementation Science, and Cognitive Neuroscience. She says, "research brings me immense joy because of my utmost desire to serve others and my profound passion for science and problem solving. I love working in a collaborative, challenging workplace, and I’ve worked hard to hone my skills in creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and care within my past research, clinical work, and service. My ultimate hope is to contribute to discovering holistic and efficient avenues to equitably and sustainably improve people’s quality of life".

Frazier presented research she is currently involoved in conductiing about GYN cancers and yoga for survivors. She is currently in a yoga teacher training at the 200 hour level at In Balance Yoga Studio in Blacksburg, VA.

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