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Fauculty Highlight: Caretia Washington

Caretia is speaking to the yoga teachers Juanuary 28, 2023 at University of Florida Health Street in Gainesville, FL. She is a student in the medical school at UF.

What do you look forward to most as a future epidemiologist and your career in epidemiology? I look forward to applying my cancer epidemiology knowledge to inform policies and interventions to address cancer health disparities. I hope to be a physician scientist who thoroughly evaluates different risk factors and causes of cancer, who is better adapted to treat and serve populations from diverse backgrounds, and who contributes to the growing movement in research and medicine to end cancer for all. What inspired you to study epidemiology? My community has been the biggest inspiration for me in my pursuit of epidemiology. I am from Louisiana, and many members of my community have worse health conditions, often due to such factors as the color of their skin, education, and income. I want to study these social determinants of health in cancer, particularly in the South, to help the people who have helped me get to where I am today.

Her current mentors at UF are Dr. Dejana Braithwaite, Dr. Sharma Karanth, and Dr. Alex Yoo.

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