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Daily Practice with Barb

Virabhadrasana II, Warrior 2 with biceps curl: Place hands on forward knee, step back to stand, in Warrior II with hips and shoulders square (make sure bent knee is positioned over ankle, not hyperextended). Holding weights in hands with elbows bent and hugged into sides, wrists face upwards, and lower arm at 90 degree angle from the floor. Exhaling, lower hands down slowly. Variations; 1. Alternating movement from arm to arm 2. Wrists face each other. 3. Wrists face floor. 4. Straighten bent leg bringing weights to heart center, extend arms out to V II. 5. From V II, bring arms to cactus shape and pulse upward. 6. From cactus arm position, extend arms overhead into diamond shape crossing at wrists. Return hand to start position on an inhaling breath. Do 3-5 reps with each arm. Place hands on forward knee, step up to standing, extend opposite leg back and repeat sequence.

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