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CPF Teacher Highlight: Luna

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

By Luna P. Kunst, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

What year did you find Yoga? Why did you begin?

That is a good question. I think I had experience with yoga throughout my young life. I experienced HIGH anxiety when I was young. I was given the suggestion to start meditating to ease the anxiety. I started meditating around the age of 14. Then practicing the poses around the age of 20, after a car accident. My doctor suggested I practice yoga to avoid knee and back surgery due to the injury. I began practicing yoga more seriously around 2007 after a sexual assault and in 2009, to complement my Martial Arts practice.

How did your practice proceed?

In 2010, I was going through a contentious divorce and yoga was my therapy.

When/how did you connect with your favorite style of yoga?

I have yet to find my favorite style of yoga. I like all styles of yoga. I do believe it is all necessary.

Do you have a favorite teacher?

I like Sadie Nardini, Rodney Yee, Mukunda Stiles, but I enjoy learning from different teachers. I haven’t found my number one favorite because I enjoy learning from different teachers.

What year did you complete Yoga Teacher Training 200?

In 2012 I completed YTT200 with Jane Foody through her private company, Yoga with Jane.

What other yoga certifications do you have?

I completed 300hr Yoga Teacher Training from Indra Yoga School in August 2020 and

The Journey Training (Journey Training with Focus on Anatomy of Flow) from Sadie Nardini in 2018.

What year did you become a Christina Phipps Foundation certified teacher?

I became a Christina Phipps Foundation certified teacher around late 2016.

Why did you take CPF?

My mother had her third cancer surgery in 2016. She was cleared after much prayer. I wanted to be a part of someone else’s journey. My mother was scared and worried. I felt powerless for my mother. I prayed hard and believe in the power of prayer. I like assisting everyone in life in whatever possible way I can. I wanted to be a person that I can help in whatever journey they are on.

Where did you complete your 6 months of volunteer teaching?

At the JCA and a few other locations.

What came next?

After that, I left the JCA to work for the YMCA. I continued teaching CPF classes once a month at the Williams YMCA in Jacksonville and then once a month at Flagler Hospital here in St Augustine, FL. I became a sub for Williams YMCA after late 2018. I stayed on the Flagler Hospital team until COVID shutdown. I am now back to sub at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine.

In addition to CPF yoga, what else do you teach?

I teach Chair Yoga at the St Augustine YMCA and sub at other Y locations. I teach Chair Yoga online for my own company. I teach mat yoga occasionally as a sub at different Y locations, fitness clubs and outdoors for my company. I teach NuReveal Yoga online and monthly at a private club in Jacksonville, FL. Looking to begin Mommy and Me outdoor series.

My yoga studio is all online and I am a private instructor, you can find more information at

I have been accepted into a Yoga Therapy school so I will be working on that certifcation next.

My new FREE COURSE for CPF teachers (CEU class) is called

Inclusivity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Yoga: Tips from a Mother of D/HOH child

This course is FREE to CPF instructors. Teachers can contact me at

Link is

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