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CPF Teacher Highlight

Say hello to Lisa Thuro.

What year did you find Yoga? 2007

Why did you begin? I'd been a step and kickboxing instructor and was looking for something different

How did your practice proceed? I started with Yoga Zone on DVD by Alan Finger who founded ISHTA Yoga in New York City

When/how did you connect with your favorite style of yoga? There's a saying in yoga, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I was driving to work one morning feeling like I needed something more in my life. I'd been practicing with the DVD's at home for a year and decided to Google Alan Finger to see if he had a studio and what he might be up to, as the Yoga Zone DVD's had come out in 2001. It turns out that he and his wife were holding a Chakra Yoga workshop in Maryland, where I lived at the time, that very weekend. And following the workshop was an informational session on an upcoming 200-hour teacher certification they would be holding at Thrive Yoga in conjunction with Susan Bowen. I felt like it was a sign! I'd never been in a yoga studio and jumped in whole heartedly. The teacher training was an incredible experience and so I kept going back, eventually earning my 500-hour certification.

Do you have a favorite teacher? Sara Platt Finger, Alan's wife

What year did you complete YTT 200? 2008

What other yoga certifications do you have? Yoga Ed, ISHTA 500 hour and Christina Phipps

What year did you become a Christina Phipps Foundation certified teacher? 2016

Why did you take CPF? As a breast cancer survivor, I remember all too well the limitations I felt after surgery and chemo. I was so frustrated that I couldn't do the yoga poses I so loved. I called my mentor, Susan from Thrive and vented. She listened and said, "Just breathe". It was my ah ha moment as breath, prana is truly the essence of yoga. Sometimes you are in so much discomfort, it's the only thing you can do...and so I did, until I gradually gained more strength, more understanding of what I wanted from my own yoga practice.

I When I moved to Florida and started working at Mayo Clinic, someone mentioned the Christina Phipps certification and I jumped at the opportunity.

Where did you complete your 6 months of volunteer teaching? I extended my 6 months to almost 4 years at Mayo Clinic. Working there enabled me to take time to teach. My supervisors were on board and loved the idea.

What came next? Unfortunately, COVID came next. We stopped teaching in March of 2020. I've taught to friends and neighbors sporadically, but miss the students, patients and caregivers who came to the CPF classes.

How can people reach you?

People are welcome to email me at

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