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Teacher Highlight: Courtney Chaplin

Courtney completed Christina Phipps Foundation training and graduated October 15, 2023. She is currently a nursing student in North Carolina.

Courtney began her yoga journey in 2013. On July 26, 2019 Courtney graduated from the Kunga Yoga School where she received her 200hr certification from WYC. She then began her internship with WYC shortly after graduating. Kristin Cooper and Jamie Annette are the primary teachers Courtney trained under. Courtney has a genuine passion about sharing her yoga knowledge to her students and the community. She feels its very important to serve and feel empowered doing so in the process. Her focus is emphasizing the 8-limb path in her practices and teachings as well as practicing ahimsa meaning “nonviolence”, incorporating different options to fit each student in their practices.

“Always following the nature of ones practice is key.”

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