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CPF class closes at Williams YMCA

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We will be closing one of our long running CPF classes hosted by the Williams Family YMCA in Jacksonville, FL. The last class is on July 25, 2022. There will be a special class that day and we will be recording a tea light flow. We have a long history volunteering with the YMCAs and will still be volunteering at other YMCAs and Baptist Healthy Living Program locations so our yoga students will have many places to attend a class.

Our history together with the YMCA in Jacksonville begins in 2011. At that time, with the foundation only a year old, we had a just a few trained CPF teachers and one of them was Marcy Knight. She is a well loved yoga teacher and taught at the Baker County YMCA in the town of Macclenny. Also in 2011, CPF yoga teacher Carmen Morente was working at the YMCA and brought her unique and very popular chair yoga to a few other CPF locations in Jacksonville, including Memorial Hospital and Lifespan Yoga. Back then Carmen was one of the only Chair Yoga teachers in the city and was very busy.

In 2016, Beth Daugherty, Julie Schafer and Michael Mayotte began working together to get more CPF yoga classes on the schedule. Julie was the Director of Health Partnerships at Baptist Health and Michael was a Wellness Coach for the Mandarin Y Healthy Living Center and Baptist Health. Julie and Beth were looking at all the potential YMCA sites for CPF yoga classes and we found our teachers had been in some of these locations for years. It was a natural collaboration so the Christina Phipps Foundation Board of Directors decided to move forward and help out.

In 2016 to 2017 CPF began expanding along with the Healthy Living Program. CPF yoga teacher Sara Khakpour was working at the Williams Family YMCA in Mandarin. She shared with Michael that she thoroughly enjoyed the CPF Instructor Training and was ready to get a CPF yoga class started. She was experienced in many types of yoga and was very comfortable and ready to accommodate the needs of any participants that attend CPF yoga. She began teaching October, 2016 on Mondays at 10:30-11:30 am. Over the years the times changed and our volunteers worked to keep the class running each week.

You can see from the older flyer below (2016-17) how the collaboration between CPF, the YMCAs and Baptist Health was expanding at this time in Jacksonville, FL. We are proud of all the volunteer CPF teachers that kept these classes open, freely giving their time to yoga students all over the city. There have been many CPF teachers, many changes and we are still sending our wonderful volunteers to a few of these locations.

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