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Teacher Highlight: Krista Oakes

Updated: Apr 9

Krista graduated in July, 2022 from Oncology Yoga training, she now serves on the Board of Directors of the Christina Phipps Foundation. Here is what she said about the training in Daytona Beach:

I'm so grateful I was able to take this training. Not only did I get CEU's for free, I was able to learn valuable education that will be invaluable to me as a yoga teacher. Krista Oakes, E-RYT

Krista V. Oakes is a certified yoga and meditation teacher (E-RYT) specializing in working with beginners and seniors. She teaches gentle and chair yoga classes in Daytona Beach, Florida and nationally online. She leads group wellness retreats and teaches yoga and meditation to corporations. Her classes focus on safety, proper body alignment, mindfulness, and trusting oneself. Her approach to teaching integrates the mindfulness of meditation, lifestyle coaching, and the compassionate approach of Kripalu Yoga, rooted in faith and spirituality with humor sprinkled throughout.

Krista is also a writer who published her first book in January, 2024. This book titled, Shedding Shame: Finding the Freedom to Live an Authentic Life takes you on a journey of her life challenges. She writes about the shame of her childhood growing up with gay parents and losing her father to AIDS. And the shame she developed from her marriage full of dysfunction and mental illness, which ultimately ended in divorce. She shares her path to unravel the shame holding her back, where she's been, and how it’s gotten her to today, living her best, authentic life.

Her book is personal, raw, vulnerable. She hopes her heartwarming and personal stories will help you reflect on the secrets you’ve been holding onto in your own life and the patterns that might be holding you back.  She hopes her book will inspire readers to find the courage to live their most authentic life.

As a lifelong learner, Krista invested time and resources learning the art of marketing with the hopes of sharing the gift of yoga with as many people as possible. Her training to support other yoga teachers to fill their classes was recently shared with the Christina Phipps Foundation teacher community and can be accessed here.

She is certified and trained in:
  • Yoga Alliance designation, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT)

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

  • Kripalu yoga certification from Discovery Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) since 2008

  • Student and practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1990

  • Certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) since 2010

  • Certified Fitness Coach since 2022

  • Oncology Yoga Certification (Christina Phipps Foundation) 2023

Here are two free offers from Krista. The first is the one referred to in the training.  The second is to a curated series of videos.

I offer a FREE Download, "3 Step Guide to a Namaste Kind of Day".  This morning routine will help you begin your day positive, confident, and driven to create the healthy, happy, mindful life you desire. Best part... It doesn’t require you to stand on your head or even sit motionless in the lotus position for an hour.  To get this download, go to
Curious about gentle yoga? Get a curated group of videos that include easy, short, guided practices that allow you to explore Gentle Yoga from a chair, the floor, or even outdoors.  Gentle yoga is an incredible tool to help you get healthy, reduce stress, and increase your quality of life.  To get this FREE Discover Gentle Yoga Video Series, go to

Websites and social media pages @daytonayogawithkrista

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