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Sponsorship Donation of $1500

Choosing to sponsor the training notebooks for The Christina Phipps Foundation's (CPF) Oncology Yoga Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to directly support our educational efforts. These notebooks are more than just paper and ink; they're vital tools that empower our trainees to absorb, retain, and revisit the invaluable knowledge shared during our training sessions. Your contribution ensures each participant receives a high-quality notebook, designed to enhance their learning experience and serve as a resource long after the training concludes.

Sponsorship Benefits:

In appreciation of your support, notebook sponsors will be acknowledged in several meaningful ways. This includes recognition in the training materials themselves, where your contribution will be highlighted to every participant. Additionally, sponsors will be featured on CPF's website and social media platforms, showcasing your commitment to enhancing cancer care through yoga.

Your sponsorship of the training notebooks is a powerful way to contribute to the ongoing education and empowerment of yoga teachers specializing in oncology care. It's an investment in the quality of our program and the future of our participants.


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