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Sponsorship Donation of $5000

By choosing to sponsor a Christina Phipps Foundation (CPF) Teacher Training, you're not just contributing financially; you're actively participating in a movement that brings healing and hope to individuals affected by cancer through the power of yoga. Your generous sponsorship goes beyond just a donation — it's a vital investment in the well-being of countless lives, both directly and indirectly touched by cancer.

Your Support Covers:

  • Essential Expenses: Your sponsorship helps to defray the costs associated with running our specialized training programs. This includes securing venues that are conducive to learning and practice, ensuring that each session is accessible and comfortable for all participants.

  • Travel: We strive to make our training as inclusive and accessible as possible. Your contribution aids in covering travel expenses for our executive director, ensuring that we can bring the highest quality of training directly to our communities.

  • Notebooks and Printing: High-quality, printed materials and notebooks are crucial for our participants. They serve not only as guides during the training but as valuable resources for future reference. Your sponsorship ensures that every participant receives these essential learning tools.

  • Other Supplies: From yoga mats to instructional aids, your sponsorship ensures that our training facilities are well-equipped with all the necessary supplies to facilitate an effective learning environment.

Sponsorship Benefits:

As a token of our gratitude, sponsors will receive recognition for their generous support across CPF's communication channels. This includes acknowledgment on our website, social media platforms, and during the training events themselves. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to engage with the community they are supporting (if desired), seeing firsthand the difference their contribution makes.


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