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Florida Training in January

The Christina Phipps Foundation (CPF) was formed to train and certify registered yoga teachers to carry on Christina’s work teaching yoga to the cancer community. CPF training is offered free to yoga teachers. We then ask you to offer a weekly class free of charge for the cancer community for 26 weeks (karma yoga). Class can be live, on zoom or on our YouTube channel. The training is two days.

Apply on this website ASAP. Then send me digital copies of your 200-hour certificate, YA registry card, tee shirt size, and if you are vegan for the catered lunch order. Snapping a picture of docs and emailing to me is fine. After I verify all Yoga Alliance cards, closer to the date, I will send your case study. You will present your case on day 2.

Day 1, Saturday, January 28 You will arrive at 7:45am to register. We begin promptly at 8am. Day 2 is case study day 12-3pm.

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