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Daily Practice with Barb

Utkatasana/Garudasana variations: Warm up with a chair flow, without weights. One example would be to begin in Mountain, inhale to extend arms upward, exhaling sit back into chair, inhale from chair, exhale forward fold, inhale to lift arms overhead, and continue flow. 1-2 Butterfly chair presses: From chair pose, weights are together at heart, inhale. Exhaling extend arms out into cactus shape. Inhale to center, do 3-5 reps. Garudasana: Variations: 1. From Mountain, exhaling cross left arm under the right and bring into eagle arm shape. 3 2. Weights in hands, at heart center, inhale and extend arms out to sides (no view available). Inhaling and lift elbows upwards, exhaling lower elbows and round spine forward, repeat 2-3 times, or flow into variation Repeat other side. 3. While in eagle arms with left arm under, cross left leg over right to balance in Garudasana. Add on; flying eagle, by extending arms out to the sides.

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