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General Information

Day One



Prior to training day, please email photos or scanned copies of your:


  • 200 hr certificate,

  • YA registry card, and

  • Any first aid cards you hold (such as CPR)


to Beth Daugherty, at


We ask that you arrive early to register - the specific time will depend on the agenda, you'll receive more details once you are officially registered.


The class will take place in a large training room and you will be sitting most of the day, so wear comfortable clothes.


Our training is provided by board certified doctors and other experts and guest speakers. 


At the end of Day One, you will be given a case study. You will have time to research this case, talk to people and attend other CPF classes.


You will prepare a presentation of a one hour yoga class for this particular case and present it on Day Two.

Day Two



The start time will depend on the agenda, you'll recieve more details once you are officially registered. 



Be prepared for about a three hour session.  We like to give each instructor plenty of time for their presenation, but also like to keep it within three hours.


Each instructor will be given 10 minutes to present

an overview of your one hour class. Please bring 20 copies of your presentation to give to the other students.  Please make sure the pages are 3-hole punched (one or 2 pages is fine), as they will be inserted in the CPF Notebooks.


We will present CPF Certificates after everyone has had a chance to present their demonstrations.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact:


Beth Daugherty

(904) 233-6162 (call or text)

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